Enterprise Data Management Visions and Trajectories 2025.

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How effective are you at managing risk and performance in the age of data explosion?

Institutional investors need to understand how to effectively manage and harness vast amounts of data across the entire enterprise.

Rimes Technologies is delighted to provide you with exclusive access to Celent's new report: “Enterprise Data Management Visions and Trajectories 2025.” The report provides a deep dive into the business drivers behind EDM investment at this critical time for institutional investors.

Learn best practices for:

  • Integrating ESG and climate data into your portfolio analytics
  • Business drivers for enterprise data management
  • Cloud based storage and distribution strategies
  • Unification of front and back office through data enablement

"For institutional investors, enhanced competencies in data management, proprietary insights, and improved decision support are critical to navigate the opportunities, risks and demands borne from evolving digital investing paradigms, private markets, sustainability/ESG themes, and massive structural reverberations from the prevailing turbulence worldwide."

— Cubillas Ding, Market Intelligence Research Director, Celent